Community Service Initiative

Each year, members of the IMPACT San Diego class are divided into LEADership Action Teams (LATs). Each LAT is matched with a local nonprofit agency that benefits from the team members’ expertise and leadership to accomplish an individualized project.

Announcing our 2017 LAT Partner Agencies & Projects

Angels Foster Family Network

Angels Foster Family Network is dedicated to ensuring that babies and toddlers in foster care in San Diego get the best start in life. The organization works with the San Diego County Department of Child Welfare and complies with all state and federal health and safety guidelines, but they are an independent organization. LEAD’s LAT will develop a communications and marketing plan to increase the organization’s visibility in the community, thus increasing the number of parents/families who will foster.

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Home Start, Inc.

Home Start is committed to a community-based collaborative effort to reach children and families at risk and prevent child abuse and neglect. Throughout Home Start’s diverse and expansive network, there is a shared commitment from staff and partners to assure every child has a safe, stable and nurturing home. The LEAD LAT will develop a business and marketing plan for the Home Start Thrift Boutique social enterprise.

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Outside the Lens

Since 2001, Outside the Lens (OTL) has delivered its adaptable curriculum to 13,000 children in weekly classes, after-school programs, summer sessions, workshops and teacher trainings. Students tell their unique personal stories through photography, video and other digital media forms while under the guidance of writers, journalists, filmmakers, photographers, artists and teachers. LEAD’s LAT will develop a targeted marketing plan for OTL’s Cameras in the Classroom program.

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San Diego Performing Arts League

The San Diego Performing Arts League (SDPAL) is a membership-based, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote San Diego’s performing arts. SDPAL also provides educational seminars and workshops for performing arts professionals in the San Diego region, and provides them with the opportunity to network and gain insight into common issues. The LEAD LAT will create strong brand awareness for a new SDPAL program, San Diego Theatre Week.


Serving Seniors

Since 1970, Serving Seniors has been the leading provider of programs and services for low-income seniors in San Diego County. They are the only organization in San Diego, and one of the few in the country, which provides such a broad base of vital services to a vulnerable, at-risk population of older adults. LEAD’s LAT will create a targeted engagement plan for community leaders and key stakeholders, creating strategies and follow-up best practices to ensure further agency engagement.

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United Women of East Africa Support Team

United Women of East Africa Support Team (UWEAST) is a nonprofit organization comprised of more than 200 East African women with the goal of responding to the overlooked health needs of East African women and their families that affect their well-being. UWEAST is meeting City Heights’ overwhelming request to address the physical and mental health related needs of East African refugee women. The LEAD LAT will develop a three-year strategic plan for UWEAST’s core programs.

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