FOCUS Communities

A unique, immersive class, FOCUS Communities helps LEAD graduates and other professionals gain an intimate knowledge of the players, opportunities and topics in every corner of our region.

Explore our region

This immersive education will keep participants on their toes as they explore multiple venues in three sub-regions of San Diego, each with its own complex and evolving dynamics – North County, South County and East County.

FOCUS Communities will provide valuable insight into how each area contributes to the growth and success of the larger region by illuminating the issues, people, infrastructure, economies and demographic trends that distinguish these communities.

Presenters will include the mayors of the majority of cities in these sub-regions, San Diego County Supervisors, and numerous business and community leaders.

FOCUS Communities participants will learn about various aspects of each sub-region, including:

  • Regional economies
  • Demographics
  • Politics and civic engagement
  • Transportation and land use
  • Water and the environment
  • Manufacturing
  • Commerce and security
  • Vision for the future
  • Role in the greater mega-region


Application Window Closed

The next FOCUS Communities program is planned for August, 2017. For more information about FOCUS Communities, contact Program Manager Kim Nguyen.

Sub-regional collaborative partners: