Lead ership Programs

Our programs engage, develop and mobilize diverse groups of current and emerging San Diego leaders. Program graduates are prepared to contribute to the dialogue about critical regional issues, connect with key community leaders and provide a positive impact on our community.

EMBARK San Diego

A personalized leadership assessment program designed for entry- to mid-level managers.

EMBARK San Diego guides participants through a personalized leadership assessment and development process designed to improve their skills, preparing them for future contributions to their company, their profession and our community.

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FOCUS Communities

An education and exploration of the sub-regions of San Diego County.

A unique, immersive class, FOCUS Communities helps LEAD graduates and other professionals gain an intimate knowledge of the players, opportunities and topics in every corner of our region. Participants will explore multiple venues in three sub-regions of San Diego: North County, South County and East County.

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IMPACT San Diego

Our flagship program, providing a greater understanding of our region’s critical issues and key players.

IMPACT San Diego is a series of nine full-day, issues-focused sessions that provide a balanced education about our region, motivating participants to use their skills to become engaged. Participants also gain hands-on experience through IMPACT’s LEADership Action Team Initiative, which pairs class members with nonprofit groups for project work, with the goal of making a lasting, positive change in our region.

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An accelerated issues-education program for C-level and senior executives.

Facilitated by many of San Diego’s CEOs and key elected officials, INFLUENCE San Diego is a peer-to-peer education program specially crafted to help C-level and senior executives quickly gain an understanding of community issues while building their circles of influence.

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A two-day workshop sharing insights from our region's seasoned leaders.

Providing participants the opportunity to hear directly from our region's seasoned leaders, LEADership INSIGHTS will utilize a unique blend of candid conversations along with a sprinkling of keynote and other presentations, all facilitated by former County of San Diego Chief Administrative Officer Walt Ekard.

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